Hindsight is 20/20

In 2009, according to Millennial Media’s Smart Report the top 5 smartphones were:

  1. Apple iPhone
  2. Blackberry Curve
  3. Blackberry Pearl
  4. Tmobile/HTC G1
  5. Blackberry Storm

As of November, 2012, according to Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report the top 5 smartphones were:

  1. Apple iPhone
  2. Samsung Galaxy 5
  3. Blackberry Curve
  4. Samsung Galaxy 5
  5. Samsung Galaxy Ace

What happened over three years that resulted in one brand sustaining their position and the other not? The reasons have been debated by many, much more intelligent than I, over the past three years. The jury is still out, but the synapses firing behind these fingers are saying it was the result of a variety of false assumptions about the future.

To make assumptions, and to act on those assumptions ultimately defines the future for a country, a city, a company, and a person. Acting on unknown assumptions takes the courage to leave comfort behind. To risk setbacks for the reward of what lies ahead. To embrace uncertainty in a time when even the certain is unknown. Most of us are creatures of habit comfortable to live in the comfort of sameness.

What happens on the road to sameness versus the path of change? The ability to connect has extended the gap between those that embrace change and those that resist. The question I’m asking myself today: What assumptions am I making about the future? What do I need to do today to ensure that tomorrow is defined exactly that way?


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